Bramble Creek Farms
U-pick Thornless Blackberries

Established 2003

23031 Hayman Road

Brooksville, Florida 34602

Tel. 352-796-5473

Text Box: Come visit “Farmer Gene” and “The Blackberry Lady” (Ann) on our farm, nestled on the beautiful Brooksville Ridge in sunny Brooksville, Florida.  Our farm is family owned and operated.  We have 1 ½ acres of blackberries planted on our 12 acre farm and are strictly a u-pick operation It is our sincere wish to help you make new friends, and create new memories with family and friends while you are guests at the farm.
Step back in time to your childhood and rekindle sweet memories of picking pails of blackberries…only without the thorns and chiggers!  Listen to the voices in the field as you hear children exclaim they have “found the mother-load” or hear the ladies as they share recipes and events of the week!  You will also hear the chickens squawking as they let us all know proudly that they have produced a delicious egg!  Cows will graze lazily and moo for you in the distance. 
Our thornless blackberries are grown with great care and attention.  The blackberry canes are trellised in well manicured rows for easy picking.  Our only business is u-pick so YOU get the best of the season.
We also feature local raw organic honey and other seasonal vegetables as they are available from neighboring growers.
Text Box: Blackberries are best picked when fully black and when all “drupelets” are filled out as shown below. This will give you the sweetest berries. There should be no red on the berries you select for picking!

Selecting the Best

Text Box: Blackberries are low in calories, high in antioxidants, and are versatile, nutritious, and delicious!  For example, one serving of blackberries has 8 grams of dietary fiber. This is 31 percent of the recommended daily allowance.   They are also high in vitamin C.  One serving of blackberries has more than 30 milligrams of vitamin C. This is 50 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.
Blackberries can be used in jams, jellies, pies, cakes, fruit salad, homemade country wine (our personal favorite), cobblers, or just eaten as is.  They freeze well for future use and taste like refreshing popsicles when eaten frozen.

About Blackberries